AC Line Power Cord 3600-B

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  • Product Name: AC Line Power Cord 3600-B.
  • Alternate Name: AC Line Cord, also known as Volex 17251 10 B1.
  • Model: 3600-B.

The AC Line Power Cord 3600-B, also referred to as the Volex 17251 10 B1, is a crucial component for connecting various electrical devices to power sources. This power cord features a standard design compatible with a wide range of appliances, including printers, computers, monitors, and other electronic equipment requiring AC power.

With its model number 3600-B, this power cord offers reliability and compatibility across different devices. The Volex 17251 10 B1 designation further identifies its specific model and manufacturer specifications, ensuring users can easily find and replace the correct power cord for their equipment.

Featuring a standard plug on one end and an IEC C13 connector on the other, the AC Line Power Cord 3600-B provides a secure and stable connection between the device and the power outlet. Its durable construction and safety features make it a dependable choice for powering various electronic devices in homes, offices, and other environments.

Overall, the AC Line Power Cord 3600-B is a versatile and essential accessory for ensuring reliable power supply to electronic equipment, providing users with peace of mind and convenience in their daily operations.


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