Cassette Stand AJ-1

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  • Function: Optional cassette stand that expands paper capacity and provides additional storage.
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with Color imageCLASS MF810Cdn and MF820Cdn laser printers.
  • Capacity: Holds up to 550 sheets of paper.
  • Additional Feature: Includes a storage cabinet for added convenience.
  • Benefit: Reduces the frequency of paper reloading, enabling uninterrupted printing.

The Optional Cassette Stand AJ-1 is designed to enhance the functionality of Color imageCLASS MF810Cdn and MF820Cdn laser printers. This accessory serves a dual purpose: it expands the printer’s paper capacity and provides additional storage space. Capable of holding up to 550 sheets of paper, the AJ-1 significantly reduces the need for frequent paper reloads, making it ideal for high-volume printing environments where efficiency and continuous operation are essential. In addition to its paper-holding capacity, the stand includes a storage cabinet, offering convenient space for storing extra supplies or documents. By integrating the AJ-1 into your printing setup, you can maintain a smoother workflow and reduce downtime, ensuring that your printing tasks are completed without unnecessary interruptions. This makes the AJ-1 an excellent investment for busy offices and workplaces that demand reliable and efficient printing solutions.


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