Paper Cassette PF-B1

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  • Function: Optional cassette that expands paper capacity for Canon laser printers.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for imageCLASS LBP351dn and LBP352dn models.
  • Capacity: Can hold up to 500 sheets of paper.
  • Benefit: Enables longer printing sessions with fewer interruptions for reloading paper.
  • Convenience: Ideal for busy environments requiring high-volume printing.

The Optional Cassette PF-B1 is a valuable accessory for enhancing the paper handling capabilities of Canon imageCLASS LBP351dn and LBP352dn laser printers. Designed to increase paper capacity, this cassette can hold up to 500 sheets, significantly extending the time between paper reloads. This feature is especially beneficial in high-demand environments, such as offices or print shops, where uninterrupted printing is crucial for maintaining productivity. By adding this optional cassette, users can minimize workflow interruptions and focus on their tasks without the constant need to refill paper trays. The PF-B1 seamlessly integrates with the specified Canon printers, providing a reliable and convenient solution to meet higher volume printing needs. Whether for large print jobs or busy work periods, this optional paper cassette ensures your printer is always ready to handle more, efficiently supporting your printing demands.


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