Tube Cleaning Kit

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  • Purpose: Maintains the suction cap and pump assembly of the printer.
  • Usage: Required for Tube Washing setting on the printer set to ECO mode.
  • Maintenance Schedule: Prompted every 20 hours or when powering off the printer.
  • Liquid Consumption: 10 ml consumed for each maintenance.
  • Total Liquid: 450 ml included in the kit.
  • Alternate Use: Can substitute the monthly “standard” white ink tube wash process.

The Tube Cleaning Kit is an essential maintenance accessory designed to upkeep the suction cap and pump assembly of the printer. It includes three bottles of cleaning liquid, a plastic cup, two plastic pipettes, and lint-free cloths, providing users with all the necessary tools for effective printer maintenance.

This kit is specifically required when the Tube Washing setting on the printer is set to ECO mode. The printer’s control panel prompts for this maintenance as needed, typically every 20 hours of printer operation or upon powering off the printer. Notably, if the printer remains unused for an extended period, there’s no need to turn it on specifically for this maintenance.

Each maintenance session consumes approximately 10 ml of cleaning liquid, with a total of 450 ml provided in the kit. This ECO process can effectively replace the monthly “standard” white ink tube wash, offering a more environmentally friendly option for printer maintenance.

Overall, the Tube Cleaning Kit ensures the proper functioning and longevity of the printer’s essential components, providing users with a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining print quality and reliability.


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