WF-C5000 and WF-M5000 Series

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  • Alternate Name: Pick-up roller.
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with the cassette that comes standard with WF-C5000 and WF-M5000 Series devices.
  • Function: Facilitates paper feeding from the cassette.
  • User-Replaceable: Easily replaceable by the user.
  • Model: C12C938261.

The Cassette A Paper Feed Roller, also referred to as a pick-up roller, is an essential component for ensuring smooth paper feeding from the cassette in WF-C5000 and WF-M5000 Series devices. This user-replaceable roller is specifically designed to work with the standard cassette included with these printer models.

As part of the paper feeding mechanism, the pick-up roller grips the paper from the cassette and feeds it into the printer, ensuring reliable paper handling and preventing misfeeds or paper jams. Over time, the pick-up roller may wear out or become dirty, leading to feeding issues. In such cases, users can easily replace the roller with a new one to restore optimal paper feeding performance.

The model number C12C938261 uniquely identifies this Cassette A Paper Feed Roller, providing users with a convenient way to order the correct replacement part for their WF-C5000 and WF-M5000 Series printers. By ensuring regular maintenance and replacement of the pick-up roller as needed, users can maintain consistent print quality and minimize downtime due to paper feeding problems.

Overall, the Cassette A Paper Feed Roller is a critical component for ensuring efficient paper feeding from the cassette in WF-C5000 and WF-M5000 Series printers, providing users with reliable performance and hassle-free maintenance.


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